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Episcopal changes

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At the end of July 2009, Idris Jones retired as the Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway, having previously resign as Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church (SEC) during the Provincial Synod in June 2009.

David Chillingworth as the Primus, chairs the process for the election of the new bishop. Several of the SEC bloggers have made postings about the selection process, however as proceedings are confidential no details of the discussions at the Electoral Synod at St Margaret’s Newlands on 9 January can be published.

++David has posted his homily, whist regular SEC bloggers Ali and Kevin have posted some thoughts (whilst maintaining the confidentiality of the Synod).

However, what has drawn me to mentioning all this is an Order of Service I have recently come across whilst clearing out some boxes. It is for the last consecration of a Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway that I did NOT attend. I have this order of service as my father was the Lay Representative at one of the churches in the diocese at the time.

I was priviledged to be present at the next three Enthronements – I sang in the choir for the Translation and Enthronement of Derek Rawcliffe and served for the Consecration and Enthronement of John Taylor and Idris Jones (being Bishop’s Crucifer on both occaisions).

I have scanned the front and back covers from Frederick Goldie’s consecration, and present them here. They present a picture of how this sort of event was conducted 35 years.

Consecration of Fred Goldie (Front Cover)

Consecration of Fred Goldie (Front Cover)

See the note at the bottom of the front cover regarding the receiving of communion.

Consecration of Fred Goldie (Rear Cover)

Consecration of Fred Goldie (Rear Cover)

As with the Enthronement of Derek Rawcliffe just over 6 years later, the choir was augmented with singers from other choirs in the diocese.

My prayers are with the three candidates in the 2010 election and those who are charged with their making the selection.

Author: Stewart

An instrumentation engineer who enjoys photography and singing. Working in the West of Scotland; a member of St Mary's Cathedral Glasgow and Southwark Cathedral; and a volunteer guard/signalman on the Ffestiniog Railway in North Wales.

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