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Holy Saturday 2010


After domestic chores, Holy Saturday afternoon saw a visit to Hammersmith Bridge to see the University Boat Race, which for the record, Cambridge won in 17 minutes 35 seconds.

Pascal Candle at Southwark Cathedral

Pascal Candle at Southwark Cathedral

Then off to Southwark Cathedral for the Easter Vigil, Baptism and Confirmation. The service started in darkness. Bishop Richard, the Bishop of Kingston, blessed the new fire and lit the Pascal Candle. The Pascal Candle was carried by the Succentor – Anna Macham – who, after placing the candle in it stand sang The Exsultet (the Easter Song of Praise) unaccompanied from the pulpit. The Vigil continued with readings and music, including the Spiritual (Go down, Moses) sung by Canon Pastor – Bruce Saunders. The metrical version of the Gloria was preceeded by the Bishop, Succentor, and Bishop’s Chaplin (Canon Treasurer – Jane Steen) ringing handbells, whilst a fanfare was played on the organ. Another reading and hymn, then the gospel and sermon (from the Bishop – which led us into the next part of the service).

The next part of the service was baptism and confirmation – and the largest one of each I have seen. Ninety one (yes 91) candidates for confirmation – from around the diocese – of which forty were to baptised first. The procession led all those to be confirmed to the west end, where the bishop celebrated the sacrament of baptism, after which the focus of the service returned to the crossing for the confirmation.

Following the welcome of the newly confirmed – a lighted candle was handed to each of them, during the singing of the final hymn – Thine be the Glory. The service lasted around two hours and the newly confirmed will receive their first communion at their home churches on Easter Day.

After the service, it was then photo shoots galore, and tidying up to prepare the Cathedral for services on Easter Day – of which more to come in a future posting.

Author: Stewart

An instrumentation engineer who enjoys photography and singing. Working in the West of Scotland; a member of St Mary's Cathedral Glasgow and Southwark Cathedral; and a volunteer guard/signalman on the Ffestiniog Railway in North Wales.

5 thoughts on “Holy Saturday 2010

  1. Gosh. 91 baptisms! Quite a contrast with our tiny church – but wonderful to feel that this was happening all over the place in so many different ways that were yet the same. What time did your service happen?

  2. Chris – The service started as dusk fell at 8pm. We left (after helping with some of the clearing up) at 10:30pm.

  3. Same timing as us, then. Much darker inside the church than outside!

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