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The Four Evangelists on Bible Sunday – 23 October 2011

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Today is Bible Sunday, and is also known as Apple Sunday, Last Sunday after Trinity and Trinity XVIII.

I have written about Apple Sunday in 2009 when I experienced the activities around the Southwark Cathedral and Borough Market.

As part of Bible Sunday and also in commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the King James Version (KJV) of the bible, Rev Professor Richard Burridge, the Dean of King’s College in London preached the sermon at Southwark Cathedral. The sermon in written and audio form will be available on the Cathedral’s Sermon page.

Highlighted in the sermon were the sculptures of the Four Evangelists by Sophie Dickens which have been on display at Southwark Cathedral for the past six weeks. In his sermon about the bible and the translation, he wove in the imagery of the evangelists. These symbolic images came from two parts of the bible – Ezekiel and Revelation. The scene from Revelation was incorporated into the arch into the chancel at St Mary’s Cathedral in Glasgow by the American artist Gwyneth Leech during the 1990 phase of the restoration.

In her description about he work, Sophie Dickens mention how she was struck by an image of the Evangelists in a 9th Century illuminated manuscript of the Gospels in Latin – the Book of Kells.

St Matthew - The Angel

St Matthew - The Angel

St Mark - The Regal Winged Lion

St Mark - The Regal Winged Lion

St Luke - The Winged Bull

St Luke - The Winged Bull

St John - The Eagle

St John - The Eagle

Author: Stewart

An instrumentation engineer who enjoys photography and singing. Working in the West of Scotland; a member of St Mary's Cathedral Glasgow and Southwark Cathedral; and a volunteer guard/signalman on the Ffestiniog Railway in North Wales.

One thought on “The Four Evangelists on Bible Sunday – 23 October 2011

  1. I would like to reproduce the image ‘St Mark – the Regal Winged Lion’ in the Scotch College, Melbourne, Australia alumni publication, ‘Great Scot’.

    I have already downloaded a .jpg of this image, but I’d like to know who to approach for permission to reproduce it, and if an acknowledgment is required.


    David Ashton

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