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China 2012 – Travel to Fuqing – 15/16 June 2012

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Air China A330 B-6536 at London Gatwick

Air China A330 B-6536 at London Gatwick

A business trip to Fuqing in SE China. Travel out was by Air China flight 852 from London Gatwick. The flight departed around 30 minutes late due to delays in a tow-truck being available for pushback. Approach over Beijing was in the early morning and my window seat gave a view of cooling towers to the east of the city. Landing was around 25 minutes late, with another 30 minutes to elapse before being on stand and leaving the plane for the transfer buses to the terminal building.
Beijing Industry

Beijing Industry

Processing through immigration was efficient and speedy, however due to the delays on leaving Gatwick, and subsequent delays at Beijing Capital Airport, I missed my onward connecting flight to Fuzhou. Air China were efficient in re-arranging my onward flight, which required a change of terminals at Beijing. Once I had collected my suitcase it was to Terminal 2 on the inter-terminal bus. Check-in with Xiamen Airlines was efficient with a smile, although I had slight difficulty understanding the Security Guard when going through security. I had emptied my pockets into a small bag which they thought was a laptop bag, until I removed my laptop from my camera bag. Following a call to my hosts in Fuqing to tell them about the delay it was a two hour wait for the flight.

Upon arrival at Fuzhou, my hosts met me and transported me to the Surefar Enjoy Hotel in Fuqing. Their hospitality was overwhelming. I was told anything I need from the hotel just to charge to my room, including any phone calls back to the UK.

View from the shower room to bedroom

View from the shower room to bedroom

A shower and a short nap were in order. I had previously come across a hotel with a window between the bathroom and bedroom in Hong Kong, this allowing you to lie in the bath whist watching the television, however here there was only a shower (no bath).

So I had arrived in Fuqing, South East China. I had a day to recover from the jetlag before the work was due to begin.

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An instrumentation engineer who enjoys photography and singing. Working in the West of Scotland; a member of St Mary's Cathedral Glasgow and Southwark Cathedral; and a volunteer guard/signalman on the Ffestiniog Railway in North Wales.

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