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Jessops no more!


During the middle of last week (9 Janaury 2013) Jessops was placed in administration

As of close of business on Friday 11 January 2013, all the stores closed. The following morning I came out of Buchanan Galleries onto Sauchihall Street where this store was having signs from the administrators being put up and the staff inside undertaking the administrators instructions.

Jessops Sauchihall Street

Jessops Sauchihall Street
12 January 2013

This post from Joel set me thinking about the provision of camera shops in Glasgow and the surrounding area.

When I bought my first SLR (Ricoh KR10 Super) in June 1983 from Walter Wolfe Cameras in East Kilbride. At that time there was also Tom Dickson in Hope Street in Glasgow, Williamsons with several stores across Glasgow and David Deayton in Paisley. Upon the opening of both Braehead Shopping Centre and Buchanan Galleries PhotoOptix had stores. Over the years Williamsons and Walter Wolfe merged, and in September 1997 when I bought my first Canon SLR (EOS 500N) from their remain store at Charing Cross, Glasgow. I never really noticed the going of Tom Dickson cameras, however in the past year David Deayton in Paisley has closed.

My first Canon Digital (a 350D) came from a Jessops store by Glasgow Central station in April 2006. That store closed some time ago. At that time Jessops had a great facility where you could upload pictures for printing for collection an hour later.

When I came to buy my Canon 60D in June 2011, I was in London and could not find any listed Jessops as there had just been a mass closure of stores including one on Tottenham Court Road and at Brent Cross. I ended up buying the 60D from the AskDirect store on Tottenham court Road.

Why did I buy the camera in London? Apart from Jessops there were no camera stores left in Glasgow. You could buy a camera from Currys/PC World, however as they are not specialist camera stores it is unlikely that a camera specialist is able to advise you.

So now with the closure of Jessops, I have to resort to specialists elsewhere in the UK, probably mail order. This is not always a good idea as it does mean that try before buying is not possible. It does mean that on my travels I will end up visiting specialists. Joel’s posting does give some suggestions for the area where he lives.

Author: Stewart

An instrumentation engineer who enjoys photography and singing. Working in the West of Scotland; a member of St Mary's Cathedral Glasgow and Southwark Cathedral; and a volunteer guard/signalman on the Ffestiniog Railway in North Wales.

2 thoughts on “Jessops no more!

  1. Don’t forget there is a branch of Calumet 10 minutes walk up from Cowcaddens.

  2. Never realised they had a branch in Glasgow.

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