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Garden Update: New Mini Greenhouse – 19 April 2015

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During Easter Weekend 2014, 18 April to be precise, I bought a mini greenhouse from Dobbies, and built it. Having discovered that the cold frame was very light and was liable to be blown away, I added to battens to the bottom of the cold frame and attached the battens to the raised bed. As the mini greenhouse was not on a raised bed, I still added battens and partially bedded them in.

First Mini Greenhouse

First Mini Greenhouse
18 April 2014

During 2014, it was quite happy there, and it also become the “Safeplace” that the postman used when he had a parcel to deliver when we were not in.

However in January 2015, we were woken up with noises in the garden during a winter gale. Looking outside, we found the mini greenhouse had gone.

Vacant space after mini greenhouse had blown away.

Vacant space after mini greenhouse had blown away.
24 January 2015

It had blown down the side of the house and struts on both sides had been broken. We retrieved it and located next to the house. After the wind tried to move it again, it was weighed down with a bag of sand on a batten. We also tidied up around the location where it had been.

Mini Greenhouse after retrieval.

Mini Greenhouse after retrieval.
24 January 2015

The posting at the beginning of February re-counted the state of the garden after the January weather.

It was then a case of determining how to replace the mini greenhouse and ensure that it did not blow away again. When the weather blew away the compost bin again, the space available suggested that a larger frame and also moving it further from the cold frame. Previously, the mini greenhouse and the cold frame were too close, meaning it was not possible to get between them.

So after a new mini greenhouse had been bought, a year and a day after building the previous one, the old was dismantled. The battens were re-used and the panels that were not damaged were put into store. A frame was built to attached the battens to. This gave extra weight. The frame was also filled with clay from the garden and topped off with gravel. There are three shelves, two that came with it and one from the old one. As the cold frame was crowded, the onion sets were first plants moved into the new mini greenhouse.

Completed new mini greenhouse

Completed new mini greenhouse
19 April 2015

Author: Stewart

An instrumentation engineer who enjoys photography and singing. Working in the West of Scotland; a member of St Mary's Cathedral Glasgow and Southwark Cathedral; and a volunteer guard/signalman on the Ffestiniog Railway in North Wales.

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