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Shaun in the City – Lost Sheep


There were five Lost Sheep on the London Shaun in the City flock. One on The Mall, two at Paddington and two at Canary Wharf. If we had realised how easy the two at Canary wharf would have been, we would have done them first, instead of waiting until the rain had eased off. However it was not to be.

Whilst having something to eat just off Trafalgar Square, we researched how to tackle Shaun’s Trail and realised it would not be that difficult to find one of the Lost Sheep in St James Park, so after finding the first Shaun of Shaun’s Trail, we walked done The Mall to Buckingham Palace, and on the south side of The Mall just before the Victoria Memorial, we found Happy & Glorious

Shaun in the City - 48. Happy & Glorious

Shaun in the City – 48. Happy & Glorious
11 April 2015

We then returned to Shaun’s Trail at Trafalgar Square.

Having finished Shaun’s Trail in Carnaby Street close to Oxford Circus, we took the Bakerloo Line to Paddington for the next two Lost Sheep. The first Lambmark Larry was in the concourse of Paddington Station.

Shaun in the City - 46. Lambmark Larry

Shaun in the City – 46. Lambmark Larry
11 April 2015

Leaving Paddington Station, we headed to the Canal. This area has been redeveloped with the previous wharves and wharehouses replaced with apartments and offices. In Merchant Square (part of the Paddington Basin area) was Paddington Shaun.

Shaun in the City - 47. Paddington Shaun

Shaun in the City – 47. Paddington Shaun
11 April 2015

It was now gone 8pm and we had been on the hunt for Shauns since just be 11am. With the failing light, one of the remaining Shauns in an indoor location we decided to finish for the day. The pedometer on our phones showed we had walked over 34,000 steps, equating to a distance of 16 1/2 miles. Heading back to our hotel at London Bridge, we treated ourselves to hot chocolate and a soak in the bath.

With two Shauns to locate, and support a friend running the Brighton Marathon, it was the early evening on the Sunday before an attempt was made on the final two Shauns. With work calling the following day (Monday) we parted company at Gatwick Airport, I continued back into London leaving the train at Elephant and Castle to get the Northern Line to London Bridge, changing to the Jubilee Line for Canary Wharf.

The detail for the last one showed it was in Jubilee Place which would be shut when I got there, so I was surprised to come up the escalator at 7:20pm from the Jubilee line platforms at Canary Wharf to find Jubilee Place open, and Hello Kitty’s #OneKindThing accessible.

Shaun in the City - 50. Hello Kitty's #OneKindThing

Shaun in the City – 50. Hello Kitty’s #OneKindThing
12 April 2015

Leaving Jubilee Place and up the escalator to Jubilee Gardens, the final Shaun, Golden Fleece, on my search was gleaming in the sunset.

Shaun in the City - 49. Golden Fleece

Shaun in the City – 49. Golden Fleece
12 April 2015

Looking towards the City of London, the sun was setting and the iconic buildings of the city were silhouetted. Many of them we had walked passed the previous day.

Sunset of the City of London

Sunset of the City of London
12 April 2015

The Shauns are in London until 25 May 2015 (the day after this blog is published), with 70 more Shauns to be found in Bristol from 6 July to 31 August 2015. We are planning a trip to Bristol over the summer to locate as many as we can. The last chance to see them with be at the end of September when all 120 Shauns will be at Covent Garden.

Author: Stewart

An instrumentation engineer who enjoys photography and singing. Working in the West of Scotland; a member of St Mary's Cathedral Glasgow and Southwark Cathedral; and a volunteer guard/signalman on the Ffestiniog Railway in North Wales.

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