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Bruce County and Peninsula – 24 September 2015

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Whilst in Port Elgin, we spent our first full day travelling up to Tobermory, stopping off at Sauble Beach on the way north and viewing the sunset at Southampton on the way back.

Sauble Beach can be quite a busy place. I had previously been there in May 2007 whilst on a business trip and most places were open, however on a Thursday at the end of September, everywhere appeared to be closed and there was no-one on the beach.

Welcome to Sauble Beach sign

Welcome to Sauble Beach sign
24 September 2015

At the north end of the Bruce Peninsula is Tobermory, where the ferry to Sotuh Baymouth on Manitoulin Island docks. There are also various pleasure boats that can take you to Flowerpot Island and allow you to view the coast line. Some of these were still running from Tobermory Island, although the harbour was not very busy.

Tobermory Harbour

Tobermory Harbour
24 September 2015

Before we had some lunch, we bought our tickets for a non-landing trip to South Baymouth on Chi-Cheemaun. Upon our return to Tobermory, we re-traced our route and stopped at the big flag in Southampton to watch the sunset over Chantry Island.

Sunset over Chantry Island

Sunset over Chantry Island
24 September 2015

For our evening meal, we ate a Duffy’s Fish and Chips on High Street in Southampton, before returning to Port Elgin.

Author: Stewart

An instrumentation engineer who enjoys photography and singing. Working in the West of Scotland; a member of St Mary's Cathedral Glasgow and Southwark Cathedral; and a volunteer guard/signalman on the Ffestiniog Railway in North Wales.

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