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Sunset over Toronto Airport

The Journey Home – 26/27 September 2015

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Our Ontario holiday was reaching its end. Saying goodbye to Port Elgin we headed to Toronto Pearson Airport for our flight home to Glasgow.

Those in the know will realise that Glasgow Airport is adjacent to Paisley in Scotland. The first township we passed through after leaving Port Elgin was Paisley (Ontario).

Paisley, Ontario

Paisley, Ontario
26 September 2015

Our route from Port Elgin was Bruce County Roads 40 and 3 (passing through Paisley) to Mildmay were Highway 9 was joined. Highway 9 becomes 109 at Minto and turns left at Teviotdale and onto through Arthur to Orangeville. Following a recommendation from our POrt Elgin friends, we continued east from Orangeville on Highway 9. Turning right onto County Road 7, also named Airport Road, we were heading south east towards Pearson Airport. Following the airport signs to Terminal 3 rental car returns to drop of the car, we were in the checkin area for Icelandair around 15 minutes before checkin opened at around 17:00.

Following checkin and passing through security we found our was to the lounge for Icelandair Saga passengers, any secured seats which overlooked the main north-south taxiway at the airport.

At around 18:15 the incoming Icelandair aircraft – Boeing 757 TF-FIA, named Herðubreið [pronounced HARE-theu-braith] arrived.

Icelandair B757, TF-FIA, named Herðubreið, arrived at Toronto Airport.

Icelandair B757, TF-FIA, named Herðubreið, arrived at Toronto Airport.
26 September 2015

Whilst waiting for the flight to be called, we watched aircraft arriving and departing, including a British Airways B777 to London Heathrow and a Westjet B737 to Glasgow. THe Westjet aircraft would be on its way back to Canada before we reached Glasgow.

Having experienced the Bruce Sunset the previous evening, we were treated to another great sunset at Toronto Airport.

Sunset over Toronto Airport

Sunset over Toronto Airport
26 September 2015

Soon our flight was called. We had not been able to get seats together, however the traveller who had been allocated the aisle seat was quite happy to change seats so we could sit together.

Changing aircraft at Keflavik Airport was hectic. All arriving passengers had to pass through security, even those who were finishing their journey in Iceland. As there were around ten incoming North American flights and a similar number of outbound European flights in the space of two hours. In our case there was 55 minutes between the doors opening on TF-FIA (at 06:45, bus transfer to the terminal, passing through security, straight out onto the next bus as one of the last to board and doors closed on TF-FIZ, named Keilir [pronounced KAY-leer] at 07:40. This did mean that there were no photographs taken during this transfer. It was a shame really, as I would have liked to have browsed the airside shop again.

Around 10:40 (UK time) we were passing over the Isle of Barra, however cloud cover meant it was not visible, however five minutes later we passed over the Isle of Mull getting clear views of Tobermory and Killiechronan.

Tobermory, Isle of Mull

Tobermory, Isle of Mull
27 September 2015

Passing over the southern end of Loch Lomond in a easterly direction, the TF-FIZ was turned south west to line up on runway 23 at Glasgow Airport. It was a short taxi to stand 34, where the engines were shutdown and we left the plane. The bags were already on the belt once we reached the baggage hall, having passing through immigration. Our taxi had been booked before we left for Ontario and it shortly arrived, the the 20 minute trip home.

Our Ontario 2015 holiday was over.

Author: Stewart

An instrumentation engineer who enjoys photography and singing. Working in the West of Scotland; a member of St Mary's Cathedral Glasgow and Southwark Cathedral; and a volunteer guard/signalman on the Ffestiniog Railway in North Wales.

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